Town Supervisor: Ronald C. Bono rbono@centralny
Town Council Persons: Patricia Bikowsky, Bradley Dixon, James Lundrigan, Gregory Reuter

Elected Officials:
Judges: Michael Hynes, Robert Engle
Highway Superintendent: Roy Kirley (315-723-7114)
Town Clerk: Tracy McLain

Non-Elected Officials:
Codes Officer: Lawrence Cesario
Town Historian: Diane VanSlyke
Park Director: Amy Coleman
Assessor: Steve and Rochelle Harris (315-893-7202)

Planning Board Chairman:
Roger Williams
Planning Board Members: Cary Early, Mitch Hoffmeister, Steve Johnson, John Mancino, Bruce Tanner, Douglas Waterman

Planning Board Clerk: Wendy Bono
Town Board / Council Members
Deputy Town Clerk: Wendy Bono
Deputy Highway Superintendent:
Robert Cook
Deputy Supervisor: James Lundrigan

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