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Since the arrival of our first settlers, we have taken pride in our leadership in business, education, agricultural pursuits and innovation.
  Samuel Mott founded a company in 1868 which has become synonymous with quality in the apple products line. An apprentice lawyer in Madison, named Samuel Nelson, took his learning experiences and went on to become a United States Supreme Court Justice, helping to decide the Dred Scott case among others.
  Business has always been at the forefront of township interests. From grist mills and cheese manufacturing of the past, to restaurants and the various individual business venues today, the Town of Madison continues a rich business tradition in Central New York. 

  Agriculture in our area continues a progression that has seen the evolution from grain to hops to dairy and beyond. Today, an emphasis on "green foods" has seen the emergence of "organic produce farms," which supply local and regional demand.

History of Madison NY

  The rich tradition of education in the Town of Madison has seen one-roomed schools grow into a centralized school system that is an area leader. Students from Madison have gone on to varied walks of life and have found that the strong educational foundation they received has led to success in a variety of fields of endeavor.
  Innovation has also found fertile ground in the Town of Madison. It has come from the agricultural arena with items to increase hops production patented by William W. Edgarton, from the skilled masons who contructed both the locks for the Chenango Canal, the historic Landmark Restaurant building in Bouckville and some of the most beautiful cobblestone homes in New York State, or the invention of the collapsible bumper for autos by Madison native Richard Bicknell.
  Innovation is also displayed annually at the Madison/Bouckville Anqitues Show, attracting crowds in excess of 40,000. And it appears in our commitment to "green technology" with the recent construction of two windmill projects and more planned for the future.
  Visit us at our many "Bed and Breakfast" locations, shop at the new Madison Marketplace, talk to our friendly people and most of all enjoy the country setting of a true slice of rural America. We are proud of our contributions to the Central New York region.

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